MadLabs G4 is a thin, mechanically resistant epoxy substrate plate that adheres to the FDM / FFM 3D printer bed. It provides perfect surface for printing various technical materials.

G4 plošča je narejena iz dvokomponentne epoksidne mase, ki je namensko razvita in omogoča čisto ter enostavno odstranjevanje modelov.

The G4 board is made of two-component epoxy, which is specially designed for clean and easy removal of 3D prints.

Due to the surface structure and the substrate, the model is optimally attached during printing.

G4 Printing Surface offers following features:

  • works perfect with PLA, PETG, ASA, NYLON, PC, PET, TPU, PEI, PEEK and other filaments
  • temperature resistance up to 300 ° C
  • very good mechanical resistance
  • resistance to all types of solvents (Ethanol, Isopropanol, Nitro thinner, Acetone, …)
  • original 3M double-sided adhesive foil for optimal grip on the bed
  • just wipe the lining with isopropyl alcohol and heat the bed before printing
  • after printing easily remove print from the cooled surface

Recommended settings:

Material Bed Temperature ( °C )
PLA 50 - 70
PETG 80 - 90
ABS 100 - 110
ASA 100 - 110
PC 110
TPU 50
PEI 140 - 160
PEEK 120 - 140

Bed temperature depends on the thickness and material of the bed, the accuracy of the printer’s sensors and the filament itself. The basic equation for the required temperature is:
Viscat softening temperature + 10 °C.
By a thicker bed it is also necessary to increase the temperature of the heated bed due to the temperature conductivity.
Temperatures in the table are for a glass bed – 3mm thickness.


The order is currently not possible.
Write to info@madlabs.eu.

PLA Demonstration #1

PETG Demonstration #1

ABS Demonstration #1

ASA Demonstration #1

NYLON Demonstration #1

PC Demonstration #1

TPU Demonstration #1

PLA Demonstration #2

PETG Demonstration #2

ABS Demonstration #2

ASA Demonstration #2

NYLON Demonstration #2

PC Demonstration #2

XT-CF20 Demonstration #1

Proudly made in Slovenia.

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